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Sadly, I have yet to locate which box my scanner is in, so you will all need to continue to wait before you can read the magazine article in which I was quoted.

So in lieu of that post, I will regale you with tales of our weekend last.

July 13th is our wedding anniversary, as many of you no doubt read in Jean's journal. Since we both had to work on Friday, we opted to really celebrate on Saturday. This, however, doesn't mean we can't go out at all, so dinner it was.
Pictures and weekend excitement follow herein... )
What a wonderful way to end our anniversary weekend!
Thanks to all who wished us well on Friday. Eleven years isn't easy, but you know it isn't THAT difficult either. Jean and I have now been together as a couple for 16 years, and in that time we have both learned and grown as individuals and as a couple in ways we'd have never imagined back in 1991 when we first began dating. Such a strange and wondrous trip it has been. I can only hope the next 11 plus years are as exciting and challenging and wonderful as the first sixteen have been :)

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