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Ah LiveJournal, how well you've treated me lo these many years. Alas, I have found a new mistress, one who has been with me for years as well, but one which will do more for ME.

Yes, LiveJournal, I am talking about Wordpress...

No, not the site, but rather the WordPress php tool which I have installed and customized on so many sites. Local control, full customization, hosted on my own servers... Yes, that's the wordpress I want. And I have it, over 3 fold now.

But fear not, LiveJournal, I'll still keep you on the side... it's just my main posts will be on now... or maybe, depending on the content. I'll still visit you, LiveJournal, like I always have, loading your friends page to see what others are talking about, commenting randomly when I am moved to do so... I just won't be posting here as much, if anymore. Besides, I know you like it when I just watch; you're a bit dirty like that, aren't you LiveJournal?

Case in point on posting, you can see my latest post with my current mistress here:

(No, I am not closing my account, but I HAVE imported all previous LJ posts into the Wordpress installation and will be focused on my content there, rather than here. I WILL still keep an eye on my friends page here, as I always have, until such a day comes when I no longer have friends here...)

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