Mar. 29th, 2009

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Jason's Twitter feed:

  • 09:28 In bed at 3am, up at 8am. On our way for Irish coffees, then off to Lark in the Morning. #3dc
  • 12:40 Back at the Irish Bank for lunch. #3dc
  • 15:14 At Kennedys for Indian food before tasting begins. #3dc
  • 17:01 Queued up for the tasting on the SF Belle. #3dc
  • 18:05 First up: Tully 10, Compass Box Hedonism Maximus, and Tomintoul 31 Reserve. #3dc
  • 18:42 Next up: High West 21yr Rye, Bols Genever Gin, and Glen Rothes 1985.
  • 19:34 Rounding out the serious tastings with Auchentoshan 12yr, 18yr, and 3 Wood. #3dc
  • 19:36 Top taste of the night: Compass Box Hedonism Maximus. #3dc
  • 20:29 Another taste of Tully 10, Johnnie Walker Green, and an Aberlour a'bunadh. #3dc
  • 20:56 Finishing off the tasting with a Scapa 16yr, Tomintoul 27yr, and closing out with a return to the Hedonism Maximus. Dinner next.
  • 22:26 Finishing off an outstanding dinner at E&O Trading Company. #3dc
  • 23:03 Drinking at the Irish Bank with John Glaser of Compass Box Whiskies.
  • 23:35 Is surprisingly sober for such a fun filled day. #3dc
The above is a digest of Jason's tweets over the past 24 hours in ascending chronological order. This feed was automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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